Pleasant Lake Pottery
and Ceramics

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All items listed on this page are hand made and one-of-a-kind.
The items are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

The items are made from stoneware clays, some more that one clay. The Items are thrown, rolled, built or molded. They are then allowed to dry to a "leather" hard consistency, then trimmed, handles and feet added. They are then allowed to dry completely, then they are loaded into a kiln. The kiln is then fired slowly until the inside temperature is 1872 degrees Fahrenheit. This is called a Bisque firing. The Bisqueware is now hardened water and gasses have been released. The Bisqueware is then glazed. Glazing is the application of the glass finish coating on the pottery. Glaze is usually the consistency of cream and applied by dipping, spraying, splash or brush. The glazed ware is then loaded into the kiln for it's final (most items) firing. The Glaze firing brings the pottery to 2232 to 2246 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire process can take anywhere from nine days to 2 weeks to completion.

Items normally produced: Sugar Bowl & Creamer sets, Pie Plates, Baking Dishes, Cookie Jars, Casserole Dishes, Trivets, Mugs, Soap Dishes, Berry Bowls (strainers), Vases, Pitchers, Bowls, Pour Bowls, Deviled Egg Plates, Chip & Dip sets, Wind Chimes, Spaghetti Bowls, Spoon Rests, Planters, Canister sets, Candle Holders, Bread Boards, Pizza Boards & other items.
Terra-cotta Out-Door Items: Planters, Hanging Bird Baths/Feeders Hanging planters, Chimes, Lawn Ornaments.
Decorative Items: Fountains, wall plaques, stoned pond items and temperature dials.


cassarole .jpg (20714 bytes)Casserole Dish, Baking, covered, approximately 7" wide by 4" deep.


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Cookie Jar, Covered, approximately 9" high and 7" wide.



larg bowls.jpg (152743 bytes) Large bowls, Left 6 1/2" high, 9" wide (blue/tan) - $27.00

Right, 91/2" high, 10 1/2" wide - $35.00



creamer.jpg (38671 bytes)

Coffee Creamer and Sugar Small set.



pour bowls.jpg (133401 bytes)  

Pour Bowls set, approximately 4" wide by 2" high

$8.00 each


bowls mix.jpg (134292 bytes) Assorted bowls approximately 4 to 5 1/2" high and 4 to 5" wide. Non decorated bowls are $10.00 each and the decorated (left bottom) are $15.00 each


pitchure.jpg (139593 bytes) Soufflé Dish approximately 5" high and 6 1/2" wide - $30.00

Pitcher, Med.approximately 8" high and 5" wide - $32.00


pie bowl.jpg (119024 bytes) Pie Plate, Left  8 1/2" wide approximately 2" high - $20.00

Decorated bowl, small Right, $15.00


baking dish.jpg (142200 bytes) Baking Dishes

Top left $25.00

Top right $25.00

Bottom $20.00


large plater.jpg (154853 bytes) Large Platter, Approximately 18" across, 4" high with a rim that is approximately 4 1/2" wide, $80.00


leaf dish.jpg (122810 bytes) Leaf Dishes (one of my signature Items)
$18.00 each

Colanders (strainers/berry bowls)
$15.00 to $18.00 each (some include a water catch/base plate)


pitchers3.jpg (158800 bytes) Pitchers, Large,

Left, 11" high, 6" wide, $32.00

Middle, 8", 4 1/2" wide, $25.00

Right, 10" high, 5" wide, $30.00


hot plates.jpg (159940 bytes) Hot Plates

Pineapple, 9 1/2" - 10" long, 6" wide, Regular $28.00, Decorated $32.00

Bread, 7 1/2" long, 4 1/2" wide, $20.00

To purchase any of my work please visit shops and stores on Cape Cod that carry my work.
(I do not list the shops that I sell through because they change or are seasonal.)

At this time I am unable to sell via phone, mail or internet. I hope to be able to in the near future.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Listed prices do not include
applicable Massachusetts sales tax.



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